White All Over

It’s true that white is the overall best colour for summer. You feel cool, light, refreshed. Some brand it as boring, too basic to make a fashionable outfit. But I’m going to tell you have to turn that on its head with #basicnotboring. 

The first fine example is with this top. It has the background of white but then also has delicate blue pinstripes. They are spaced far apart so as not to overwhelm the top but his gives it a pretty daintiness. The cut of it is unusual too as it is straight and like a box without appearing clumpy but instead it feels fresh and crisp.

Shorts are the perfect partner. They have white lace with intricate floral designs on, which are pretty and are a sure sin of summer. The scalloped edging gives it more depth and contrasts the geometric feel from the top. 

Lace also appears on the shoes in a stylish twist on Brogues. The only concern is you need to ensure that it won’t rain as the cutaway designs won’t shelter you feet. Still it looks chinch and retro when the sun is out. 

This tote bag has a shoulder strap so that it doesn’t obscure any delightful bit of this outfit. However, the main purpose of this design is to be able to carry heavier loads without as much weight lifting skill needed. 

White ensues with a classic Olivia Burton watch that is a timeless addition to your wardrobe. 

By, Amy Morgan x


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