Cherie Amore

Pretty little thing that I adore, you’ll be irresistible in this gorgeous dress.

This is a magnificent piece of fashion, if it was architecture you would marvel at its appearance and you will still get envious looks of wonder. The neckline attracts attention to your cleavage and the tight fit hugs every curve of your figure. It is a beautiful peach pink that has a tint of girly charm but is also fascinatingly mysterious. Down the front it has a vertical gather that is decorative rather than functional as it adds textured interest that can be accused of lacking in the black colour fabric.

This shade of pink spills into the shoes. I have included heels as this is most certainly a night out dress and these are neat with their unmarked leather look which will be adaptable to the workspace too. Not clumpy, these aren’t too high so look respectable and you can still be wearing them at the end of the night.

This particular pastel pink shade is the canvas for everything in this outfit so no less is expected with the bag. It is a box clutch which is just enough to carry your phone (with an in keeping case) and money. Across the front in modern calligraphy is the word Amour. This adorable gold writing matches the exact romantic feel that radiates from his outfit.

As pink and gold are such great colour combinations, gold jewellery is the best to go with it so there aren’t any contrasting metals. This necklace is layered which dits perfectly with a deeper neckline.

By, Amy Morgan x


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