Flowers Against Black

A few posts ago I wrote about the different forms that black can come in ( and this fits in with breaking up the black but this time with a summery twist: florals. 

I’m a big fan of rompers as they look like a more stylishly chic version of a dress. Although the noun jumpsuits can make us harper back to our toddler days, they have a new crisp air of sophistication. This has a floral pattern that is nearly too large and overwhelming but is instead balanced out by the thick black bias binding. The hint at cleavage is enough to remain suitable for a night out with your bosses but an hourglass shape can be shown off or created by the tighter waist.

Slip on shoes are great for an event where you want to feel dainty and not too flashy with sky high heels. They also match he flowers on the romper to feel summery even though they have a black background.

Too much floral can be a bad thing. This clutch bag highlights the black base of every element in his outfit. It is compact, neat and only embellished by a gold imprint of the delicate Kate Spade logo. 

Florals take over again with the watch face but the evening out black binding is swapped for an inky black strap. 

The black is the colour that is substantiated as the canvas but the pink of the flowers is also acknowledged with a peach manicure.

Gold jewellery matches a warm tone and has ornate flowers incorporated on it.

By, Amy Morgan x


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