Pale Sophisticated Pink

A classic tint of pink is a demure yet fascinating shade. Throw in a neat A line skirt, a Ted Baker top and a Birkin bag to compliment this colour into being a gorgeous outfit. 

Cropped tops can verge on casual but here the jumper style works in favour of it being formal. It has overlooked details in the curved neckline, bows on the sleeves and lack of pattern. This minimal decoration leaves the faded pastel pink in its own spotlight so it can be fully focused on. 

An A line skirt is the ideal style for work with no doubt in it not being professional. Pleats help to provide shape without the messiness of gathers. Instead of looking too sterile with a block cream, it appears elegant and very stylish as the more seamless your outfit looks then the more respect you gain. 

It is widely known that Birkin bags are good quality as it is reflected in the appearance and price. Although it can be quite an investment, you also invest in your career as it looks great to represent a brand with. To make the most of your money it’s wise to choose a neutral colour. Pale pinkish cream is this. It suits the gold embellishments and all of the interest is taken up with the flap and suave appeal. 

A key element to any outfit is the shoe. Make a wrong choice such as heels that you can’t walk in and all your wardrobe effort goes to pot. The smart vibe continues with these toned down pink slip ons as you can easily walk and look smooth in your movement which will ultimately give you a boost of confidence.

A matching vintage style camera can give your outfit an individual edge and spark conversation. However, you could do this with ornate origami jewellery. 

By, Amy Morgan x


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