Crimson Floral Dress

Vibrant vermillion is everywhere in nature at the moment by when on a human it gives off a confident, chic vibe.

At first glance you would be mistaken for thinking this was a dress as it flares out at the bottom but surprisingly it is a romper. It is loose around the legs to act like a skirt whilst being casual enough for your summer holidays. The curved edge of the bottom hem which gives it a feeling of freedom is replicated at the neckline with a frill. Not in your face, this blends with the beautiful floral pattern on the fabric to make it a demure, sophisticated touch. Small straps always suit warm weather and his neckline is one to be able to decently get away with during the night. Yet there is nothing stopping you from rocking this romper t night with its fitted waist accentuating a curvy feminine figure. 

Phew-is it noticeable that I love this jumpsuit? Along with the bold red of it, there is a matching shoulder bag as you don’t want to have to lug around much if you’re exploring holiday sights. It is smart with no detail except a neat metal clasp, allowing it to be useful once you return to hectic reality too.

There is no let up of this joyful crimson with these shoes too. They are slip on to help your feet breathe but also look dainty. With toe covered shoes it doesn’t matter what the style of your pedicure is. 

To carry off this head to toe red wonderland, finish off with a red nail varnish and a slick of vermillion on your lips. Sunglasses too and off you are on your get-a-way adventure.

By, Amy Morgan x


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