White with Blue Delight

A long standing compilation, these traditional colours are great for summer and they can help to balance out a smart yet give a festival feel.

This shirt looks neat as it is meant to be formal but this is a cropped version so it is more casual. It is pure white so then everything matches and it needs more interest to make it a more unique outfit.

Your lust for interest is cancelled with the addition of this skirt. It’s a denim blue in a pencil skirt style to made it cross work with play just like the top. Along the bottom hem there is a minimal frayed edge that looks classy as it doesn’t seem as though it is there by accident which a lot of things with holes it can. Apart from this and some unusual seam stitching, it is quite bare. This works well as it sets the scheme to be purposely more focused on the merge of colours than patterns.

To follow this demure blue is a rucksack in the shade shade. Rucksacks are more useful than other types of bags in several cases- note one being here. It has a drawstring as well as a magnetic clasp to make it secure. Although there are only a few popular rucksack shapes, this still looks fashionable as isn’t overused. Leather always looks more sophisticated than fabric for bags.

As one main accessory is blue, the next is white to balance it out, this happens to be the shoes. These have block platforms to make you taller without a heel. Normally they can look clumpy but here with their geometric shape and pure white colour, they look much more delicate. To equal out the attention of the platforms, there are wider straps that also make it easier to stay on your foot. 

Silver jewellery matches all the metal embellishments on here to give it a cooler tone, which provides crisp vibe.

By, Amy Morgan x


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