Gorgeous Floral Summer 

This outfit sums up how I want my summer to be, filled with flowers and prettiness. A sublime colour, this playful peach makes you joyful just looking at it. 

Instead of a dress a romper is great because it still looks as delicate but there is no damage caused by a mischievous gust of wind. A low neckline flashes a slight bit of cleavage to make it still casual. The fitted waist can be altered to provide comfort and stops it looking like a shapeless sack. I adore the floral pattern with gentle pinks and whites as no colour is outstanding but all give off an air of laid back elegance.

This peach rucksack is suede which gives it more depth seeing as it is a single block of colour. This is a chilled out rucksack not a hi-yeh hiking gone so it looks fashionable. Especially with the curved flap and drawstrings that add interest but also stop it from feeling too formal.

This outfit picks up on the pink in the jumpsuit and I have continued focusing on this. You can choose to highlight more than one colour but it can appear messier. Therefore, I have matched it with a Rose crossed with salmon shade of pink shoes. These are slip on and patent so still smart.

Sunglasses are best in neutral colours suited to the ratio of light to dark clothes in your wardrobe. For here the vibe is light and bright so I have paired it with retro feeling, cream sunglasses.

Bees are necessary for flowers so I have subtlety make this connection with the gold bee jewellery that makes it feel warm for a happy, summer vibe.

By, Amy Morgan x


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