Sunflowers shine through black 

Black makes a statement whatever it is paired with. Here it has sunflowers with are a typical summer floral pattern to bloom joy into your outfit. Black teamed with golds and oranges is a win as they accentuate each other beautifully.

This is a gorgeous dress as it has a sweetheart neckline combined with a cold shoulder which is a more unique twist on these popular summer trends. They enable it to seem mature but still romantic. This also happens with the fitted waist with skater skirt as it is reminiscent of a 1950s dress. The floral pattern is bejewelling as by having both yellows and oranges, the contrast against the black is more significant. 

Heels are an excellent accomplice as they add an air of elegance. These are from Saint Laurent so are good quality which is reflected in the long life of them. Patent black gives a different texture to the fitting black tones this outfit is based upon. 

A shoulder bag is useful but this one also seems sophisticated for a night out as it is rounded to give it a softer appearance. With gold metal details, which are highlighted against the black background, it links to the same vibe of the dress. 

Sunflowers spread happiness so a phone case with them on is ideal for joyful days. Another floral element is the watch face which is proportioned with the flowers vs black as it only has the floral designs on the face so isn’t overwhelming.

A bohemian touch is with a wide brim hat. This is good for sun protection along with these darkened sunglasses.

By, Amy Morgan x


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