Shorts & Converse Combo

White is a summery colour as it feels very light and happy. Make this form into casual by using converse, shorts and a crop top.

These shorts are of a pale denim so they don’t contrast with the white too much. They are high waisted which gives them extra button detail which is there only kind of pattern. As they go onto your waist, they are quite short so more suited to informal events. 

A crop top can sum up summer with its minimal fabric cooling you down. By having a top that is shorter than normal, you don’t need to tuck it into your shorts and it won’t appear as through you have a really short dress which can be the case with long shirts. The cut of it means to hide your bra it would need to be strapless which can be infuriating as they fall down easier. With simple grey lines being the only pattern, it makes it casual and understated as they are spread out so don’t make such a vibrant impact. 

Converse are a staple shoe. They match with virtually anything (if in white) and are an all round winner for dressing down a smarter outfit or remaining chilled out with a casual one. A fastening with laces is the most secure, enabling you to use them for more sporty activities, even shopping, without the fear of losing them.

A shoulder bag works well with a minimal outfit as, for example, a tote bag would overwhelm and suffocate it. Whereas a compact bag compliments this kind of outfit. White to match the rest makes it in keeping with the colour scheme. The metal fastening and studs on the front liven it up by adding an edge to an otherwise simple bag. 

A watch is useful so you can glance at the time without being rude and making it obvious with your phone. This has a silver face to match the buttons on the shorts and the bag detailing so that the cooler vibe of silver, compared to the warmth of gold, runs through it all. With three small dials for extra information or as a design feature, you appear to be very prepared.

A pretty phone case with while detailing matches the outfit but with it only have thin branch patterns and the caption ‘wild at heart’ it can suit numerous colour schemes.

By, Amy Morgan x


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