Floral Chalk 

Flowers are in. Floral prints are everywhere and I’ve never loved them more. They range from tiny line prints to delicate watercolour styles but they all have one thing in common: they all look good on pure white. 

This top has colourful flowers on which look very elegant. They compliment a summer vibe, especially with the cold shoulder style that shows off your tan. There is a frill that goes along the collar bone to tone it down from being really formal to be a bit more loose and free.

Another form of flowers is incorporated in these shorts with the lace as in this fabric there are floral patterns created. With it being, in the main, of the same colour it doesn’t overwhelm the top but neatly balances out the floral feel. High waisted shorts are a blessing as I love my outfits to be focused round my waist. 

This gorgeous heels are game changers. They are the best cream heels around so are neutral with most outfits. To make them easy to walk it they have a delicate ankle strap along with a supportive thicker heel. 

This bag has such sharp edges to make it a sophisticated sprinkle on top of a delicious ice cream. The metal detailing is even in white to not break from the colour scheme. Even though it is in the foreground for this outfit, it still gathers appreciation from those admirers of fashion that know an amazing bag when they see one.

By, Amy Morgan x


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